Pizza Hut is offering the following Large Pizza + 2 regulae Loaded Pastas + 1.25L Drink for a limited time only!

Choose Large Pizza + 2 regulae Loaded Pastas + 1.25L Drink Cookie $36.95 Pick Up | $39.95 DELIVERED

Pizza Range

BBQ Cheeseburger
Ham Lovers
Cheese Lovers
Vegan Cheese Lovers
Vegan Margherita
BBQ Meatlovers
Pepperoni lovers
Vegan Sensation
Super Supreme
BBQ Beef
Chicken Supreme
Hot & Spicy Veggie
Surf & Turf
Creamy Chicken & Bacon
Butcher’s Block
Creamy Garlic Prawn
Vegan Mediterranean
Vegan Delux
Garlic Prawn
Hot & Spicy Chicken
BBQ Chicken
Mega Meatlovers
Ultimate Hot & Spicy


Honey Ham Loaded Mac & Cheese Regular
Roast Chicken Loaded Mac & Cheese Regular
Buffalo Chicken Loaded Mac & Cheese Regular
BBQ Beef Loaded Mac & Cheese Regular

1.25L Drink

Coca Cola @ Classic
Coca Cola @ No Sugar
Coca Cola @ Vanilla
Diet Coke
Lift @ Hard Hitting Lemon
Sprite @ Lemon Plus

To take advantage of this deal, Click here and place an order.

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